Poser 10

Create, design and render 3D animated figures


  • Includes lots of sample material
  • Not as difficult as other similar tools
  • Support for several viewing angles
  • Renders to video
  • Thoroughly documented


  • Requires some time to learn how to use it

Very good

Poser is a nice tool to get started in computer-assisted 3D animations, as it’s fairly easy to use and includes a lot of pre-made material.

With Poser you can easily create 3D characters, animate them, customize then with objects and scene elements, and finally render them into a realistic video file you can use on movies or on a website.

Poser features a bunch of sample material that can be really helpful, especially if this is the first time you're using a 3D animation tool: not only figures, textures and objects, but also hair, clothing and other details. As with any other similar tool, Poser lets you view the current scene from different perspectives and also apply different light effects.

Though Poser is certainly clearer and more intuitive than other 3D animation rendering tools we’ve tried, it still requires time and effort to come to grips with. Luckily, the program is thoroughly documented: it includes a reference manual, a tutorial manual and a methods manual, all available as PDF files in the program’s directory.

Poser is an intuitive 3D modeling tool – a good choice to get started in 3D animation.



Poser 10

User reviews about Poser

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    Can`t open without serial code.
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    A waste of Bandwidth.
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    Poser 8 Trial Download !!!.
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    Can't use the trial version, so I'd say it's bad..
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